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Tamás Székelyhidi

Mr. Tamás Székelyhidi

deputy director for rural development

He has been employed in KÁTKI since 2012. He has been working as a consultant since 1989. During his work the development of production, processing, marketing and regional integration of agricultural raw materials played a key role. His fields of profession include economic analysis, strategic and financial management, project management of products and marketing. He has been constantly working as consultant in the above mentioned fields in many countries of the region for 15 years. He founded his expertise by working for ACDI/VOCA and the House of Hungarian Flavours Ltd. One of the duties of the Department of Educational Co-ordination of KÁTKI is to demonstrate potential models for the livestock management of indigenous Hungarian farm animals and the enterprise forms built on that. KÁTKI aims to establish a National Demonstration and Training Programme Centre for Small Producers /Farmers in its territory.



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