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Institute for Gene Conservation Science and Small Animal Research

Scope of duties: research and development as well as innovation activity related to the breed and gene conservation of farm animals, their gene banks and small animal breeding.


- Conducting basic research in biology (genetics, reproductive biology, physiology) in the above mentioned fields of profession, and making applied research in livestock breeding, management and feeding related to nature-friendly and ecologically sound agriculture, as well as comparisons with the stock of commercial lines.

- Establishing national and international research connections with universities, research centres, breeders and professional organizations. 

- Conducting basic and applied research and experimental development aiming the characterization and use of gene bank stocks, drawing them into production, and the manufacturing of Hungarian specialty products.

- Makes field surveys aiming the discovery, description and use of local Hungarian breeds of farm animals and the establishment of new gene bank stocks in the Carpathian-Basin and in the frame of other international co-operations.

- Conducting research aiming the discovery, description and use of Hungarian farm animal breeds as well as the establishment of new gene bank stocks including field surveys made in the Carpathian-Basin and in the frame of other international co-operations.

- Publication of results in national and international conferences, specialized journals and various technical forums.

Organizational units working in the frame of HáGK-KÁTKI

Research Group for Agro-ecology and Gene Conservation

- HU-BA Model Village Scheme Unit /(HU-BA Model Village Programme Group)  


Research Group for Genetics and Reproductive Biology

- Laboratory of Genetics

- Laboratory of Reproductive Biology

Scope of duties: education and dissemination of information in connection with the breed and gene conservation of farm animals, gene bank activity and small animal breeding.


- Participation in graduate and postgraduate training in the frame of the agreements made between HáGK and institutions of higher education providing vocational training and as off-site departments.

- Making co-ordination and providing consultancy necessary for breed and gene conservation and to promote the use and distribution of endangered farm animal breeds in rural development and production. Development of products originating from indigenous breeds in the frame of agreements made with third parties.

- Publishing activity; edition and publication of scientific, technical, educational and connected general interest publications.

- Cross-border demonstration of gene conservation and development of Hungarian farm animals, strengthening their international role and organization of common, bi- or multilateral programmes in the field of gene conservation and development. 

- Development and operation of historical collections, museums, show rooms and show yards linked to the activity of the institution.


Horizon 2020 SFS 7B-2015: 677353- IMAGE Innovative Management of Genetic Resources (March 1. 2016.  - February 28. 2020.)



Indigenous Hungarian chicken breeds as universal recipients for primordial germ cell-based gene conservation

 R. I. Tóth, B. Lázár, N. Tokodyné Szabadi, E. Patakiné Várkonyi, E. Gócza

  K. Buda, E. Rohn, J. Barna, K. Liptói

  Mariann Molnár, Bence Lázár, Nikoletta Sztán, Barbara Végi, Árpád Drobnyák, Roland Tóth, Krisztina Liptói,   Miklós Marosán, Elen Gócza, Sunil Nandi, Michael J. McGrew & Eszter Patakiné Várkonyi