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Institute for Farm Animal Breed Protection

a gene bank network in rabbit breeding gene bank network in Hungarian poultry breeding.

Scope of duties: coordination of gene conservation and breeding, conservation of farm animal breeds, in vivo gene bank activity.


- Performance of national and international breeding, gene-conservational and organizational duties in order to support the conservation of protected indigenous Hungarian farm animal breeds as well as national breed organizations. Ensuring continuous operating terms for the Gene Resources Council of Indigenous Farm Animals in the Ministry for Rural Development.

- Performance of co-ordination duties in gene conservation: technical co-ordination in the field of gene banks, gene conservation made in breeding stocks and the use of breeds. Furthermore, organizational co-ordination between authorities, professional organizations, breeders and consumers as a background institution of the ministry.

- Elaboration and organization of national programmes for the conservation and use of protected indigenous Hungarian farm animal breeds. Production, allocation and trading of breeding stock on demand.

- In vivo and in vitro maintenance, operation and improvement of Hungarian poultry gene banks. Organization and supervision of a gene bank network in rabbit breeding gene bank network in Hungarian poultry breeding.


- Establishment and maintenance of gene bank, nucleus and, respectively, demonstration stocks of other especially endangered farm animal breeds indigenous or naturalized in the Carpathian-basin. It would be gene bank and nucleus stock in case of Hungarian sheep and goat species, while demonstration stock in case of asses, cattle, pigs and horses.

- Maintenance, operation and improvement of gene bank (nucleus) of the Large Hungarian rabbit breed. 

- Conducting research aiming the discovery, description and use of Hungarian farm animal breeds as well as the establishment of new gene bank stocks including field surveys made in the Carpathian-Basin and in the frame of other international co-operations.

Small Animal Gene Bank Unit/(Small Animal Gene Bank Research Group)Organizational units working in the frame of HáGK-GMI

- Poultry gene bank farm

- “Large Hungarian” rabbit nucleus farm

Farm Animal Breed Conservation Group

Breed conservation demonstration/(show) farm

- Miklós-farm, Kecskemét (Regional Programme Centre for Gene Conservation)

birkak szürkemarha