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Molecular genetic marker research in TETRA egg layer lines


(order contract in GOP-1.1.1-11-2012-0179, main applicant of the project is Bábolna TETRA Ltd.) 01/01/20012 – 31/08/2014

Total cost16.800.000 HUF

Project leaderDr. András Hidas

ParticipantsNóra Bodzsár, Nikoletta Sztán, Erika Edviné Meleg

In this project, molecular genetic data are provided to the TETRA breeding programme. Our studies are focused on the analysis of the experimental lines and progeny test populations. Different population genetic statistics (genetic distances, homogeneity, level of heterozigosity, etc.) are estimated based on the obtained molecular data using RAPD, microsatellite and SNP genetic markers. The main focus is on the relation of genetic distance data and the crossing results. For the chicken marker studies, a new RAPD approach, microsatellite multiplex PCR sets for efficient capillary electrophoresis detection and a new innovative SNP searching strategy are developed.