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Improving of the reproduction parameters in rabbit breeding

Aims of the project: The reproduction of rabbit at a mass production level needs artificial insemination. The aim of the project is to develop new reproduction techniques to improve the fertility level in both, male and female sides.

(order contract in KMR_12-A/ Hungary, main applicant of the project is S&K_Lap Ltd.) 01/02/2013 – 30/06/2015

Total cost16.000.000 HUF

Project leader: Dr. Judit Barna        

Participants: Dr. András Hidas, Dr. Csilla Eiben, Dr. Nóra Bodzsár, Éva Váradi, Nikoletta Sztán, Orsolya Zöld, Erika Edviné Meleg

Tasks for elaboration:

  • investigation techniques on sperm characteristics /quality and quantity
  • validation of CASA systems on evaluation of rabbit sperm
  • improving of circumstances of sperm transportation
  • comparative studies on various bio-stimulation on fertility rate of female rabbit
  • effect of the application of intra-vaginal GnRH analogues for the stimulation of ovulation
  • search of selective genetic markers for increasing of the litter size