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Farm Pond Scheme

KÁTKI and its partners, the Department of Fish Management of Szent István Uiversity, the Aranyponty Shareholding Company and Iszapfaló Ltd. have agreed in the operation of a national Farm Pond Scheme with the support of the Ministry of Rural Development. This means that small ponds of 50 to 200 m3 will be created in the territory of settlements, private farms or family estates requesting that, which are able to produce 0.5 to 1 kg fish per m3 annually.

These “farm ponds”, besides supplying healthy fish to the owner, may be another source of revenue by selling fish. These small water reservoirs have got many other functions, as well. They can provide water for irrigation in their surroundings, may have a favourable influence on the microenvironment and its biological diversity, diminishes the hazard of inland water, helps the water management of these areas and provides a habitat for the natural management of waterfowl. All of these are based on the fact that farms and homesteads were usually built in the vicinity of water bases, near a well or along a brook or canal flowing through the area. The model of the scheme has been established by KÁTKI and its partners together in the territory of the institute. The most important developments of that (such as demonstrative farm pond, improvements of fishery gene conservation, ecological management of waterfowl, backyard show garden and water treatment system with live bacteria culture and zeolite) fulfil gene conservation, educational, research and development, as well as production tasks alike connected to the basic activity of KÁTKI.