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Edit Zajácz

Dr. Edit Zajácz

senior research fellow, head of department

She has been working in KÁTKI since 2001 and has been chief research fellow since 2007. She has been acting head of department of the Institute of Apiculture since 2012. Her main field of research at the present is gene conservation of the Pannonic bee and the assessment of apicultural value of melliferous plants (nectar and pollen production, determination of the sugar composition of nectar). Since 2004 she has been a regular lecturer and examiner of the state-approved apicultural training course of skilled apiarists in the subject of “Bee pastures and pollination”. In apicultural events she gives lectures on the nectar production of sunflower and other plants suitable for bee pasture. In 2012 she was the scientific supervisor of the project titled “Assessment of nectar production of sunflower hybrids”.  



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