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Judit Kovács

Ms. Judit Kovács

scientific trainee

She has been working in KÁTKI since 2010. Her main fields of research are gene conservation of farm animal breeds, in situ gene bank maintenance of traditional Hungarian poultry breeds and ecologically sound livestock management. She takes part in the co-ordination of the gene conservation and breeding work of the institute. This includes national and international tasks in breeding, gene conservation and organization, the elaboration and organization of national schemes for the conservation and utilization of Hungarian farm animal breeds protected as indigenous ones, as well as provision of technical assistance for authorities, professional organizations, breeders and utilizers.

Started in 2011, she takes part in the educational and information disseminating activity of the institute as lecturer.

She was graduated as agricultural engineer of environmental management at the Institute of Environmental and Landscape Management, Szent István University, Gödöllő, Hungary.


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