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Dong Xuan Dr. Kisné Do thi

Dr. Dong Xuan Dr. Kisné Do thi

head of international secretariat, chief research fellow

She has been employed in KÁTKI as chief research fellow since 1996. At the same time she has been leading the International Secretariat for Co-ordination in the reorganized KÁTKI since 2010. Her main fields of research are the gene conservation of farm animal breeds, in situ gene bank maintenance of traditional Hungarian poultry breeds; ecologically sound livestock management, researching the potential use of Hungarian poultry in South-Eastern Asia and research for development (R&D). Her former fields of interest included reproductive biology of poultry, goose breeding, applied reproductive biology in goose breeding and artificial insemination of poultry species. Since 1995 she is scientific supervisor and course leader in the PhD schools of Szent István University. She was a founding member of the Society of Hungarian Small Animal Breeders for the Conservation of Genetic Resources in 1997 and became   international co-ordinator of the organization in 2002. She is a member of the board of directors and co-ordinator for South-Eastern Asia of Rare Breeds International. 



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